Facilitating Sustainable Development in the Developing World – Paper [ John Cornacchia ]

John Cornacchia at Globacorp Developments International writes:

I encourage you to read this clear and concise paper which emphasises that a meaningful concept of sustainable development necessarily must be holistic in nature as the economic, environmental and social aspects of human behaviour and quality of life are closely linked.

Therefore, sustainable development essentially involves inclusive growth that is also environmentally sustainable. The subject paper critically reviews the literature on sustainable development concepts that explicitly recognise this important linkage and uses this review as well as the recent development experience of India and China to develop an operational definition and indicators of sustainable development.

The paper, authored by Pradeep S. Mehta, entitled “Facilitating Sustainable Development in the Developing World: Ensuring that economic growth is inclusive and environmentally sustainable”, is available online here.

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We at Globacorp share in the environmental concerns and responsibilities of the world and are genuinely doing our part to reduce the impact our communities and operations have on the environment. We are strategically planning and engineering our community developments to continually improve the quality of life for everyone, now and for generations to follow.

Our latest efforts, Paraiso Del Rio Grande Resort Community, will certainly be one of the most sustainable and green residential developments in the Americas, revitalising over 100 Hectares of previously slash-and-burn land located in Coclé, a central province of The Republic of Panama.