Sustainable Development Visions and Visionaries [ John Cornacchia ]

John Cornacchia at Globacorp Developments International writes:

Similar to most creatively new ideas, nearly all sustainable real estate development begins with inspiration or a vision. This is not necessarily a vision of what the finished development will look like, but rather what it will be, the overall relationship to the environment, the interaction with the community, the impact it will have on the world, and the general qualities and features it will possess.

The vision is the first occurrence or idea that inspires and excites a developer, an architect, a corporation, or a community. I believe this is best summarised by Christopher Alexander, the author of – A new Theory of Urban Design, wherein he wrote, “Every project must first be experienced, and then expressed, as a vision which can be seen in the inner eye (literally). It must have this quality so strongly that it can also be communicated to others, and felt by others as a vision”.

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Without question, the vision comes before any planning or design, and it is out of this vision that the project evolves. The vision should also extend throughout the development project and be adequately communicated to the entire development team, and even to the ultimate occupants, whether permanent or part-time residents, resort vacationers, commercial tenants, or infrequent visitors. In a sense, the vision becomes the filter through which planning and design decisions flow throughout the development process.

Commonly, I find that it is a place or certain piece of property that ignites my creativity and inspires the vision. A comprehensible, although general, picture quickly begins to develop within me, with many blurred details being addressed as more thought is given to the overall planning and design. For myself, the process is an invigorating sensation and provides the motivating force to further develop and refine the vision.

Certainly, the vision does not end when the planning and design phase of the project is complete. It is particularly important to ensure that the vision remains intact and flourishes throughout the entire development process. This requires continued involvement by the visionary. It is the visionary that drives the project, ensuring that key elements are not lost in design or construction phases. In fact, the visionary becomes the ‘Vision Keeper’ and continues to instill the vision within the entire project team.

If the visionary, be it developer, architect, or other stakeholder, does not have adequate control over project implementation, they may not be able to fulfill their vision. While many aspects of the vision may survive, some could be lost on constructors who do not understand or share the vision and do not feel obliged to honour it. A true ‘Vision Keeper’ is relentless in adhering to the vision, displaying political ability in protecting design features key to the development project and establishing a cohesive and dedicated project team by emphasising education and communication.

Both, education and communication equally play important roles in the ‘Vision Keeper’ concept. Green development projects are very different from conventional development projects in a multitude of ways that are unfamiliar to most planners, architects, engineers, interior designers, contractors, and labourers. To create a successful sustainable development project, the entire development team must understand and adopt the vision. This should involve roundtable discussions and conferences with the team, suggested reading materials, even educational sessions and lectures by outside experts.

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We at Globacorp believe it is the effort and commitment of every person within the project team that ensures the vision, as seen through the eyes of the visionary, is ultimately realized.

Our latest company efforts, Paraiso Del Rio Grande Resort Community, is certainly one of my most ambitious visions, which continues to evolve, and is destined to become the leading sustainable and green residential development project in the Americas, revitalising over 100 Hectares of previously slash-and-burn land located in Coclé, a central province of The Republic of Panama.